We may also use your personal data for internal purposes, including auditing, data analysis, system troubleshooting, and research. Return and Exchange Period. By creating an account you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an order's status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made. You submit personal data to us when you join the Church, seek Church ordinances, request Church materials, request access to Church tools or services, or engage in other interactions or communications with the Church. This site is owned and operated by Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Utah corporation with its principal offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. (hereinafter "we", "us", or a similar term). Magazines. We share your personal data with other parties in the following circumstances: a. to open. My Mobile Phone Verification is not working. Your member information was successfully found and populated from Church Membership Records. Participation in surveys, contests, and similar activities is optional. Church entities. We then archive it for time periods required or necessitated by law or legal considerations. You may request access to your personal data and verify, correct, or rectify (including update) it, and block your personal data through your website-specific registration, through your profile, or through your Church Account, as applicable. Additionally, we may disclose your personal information and other information: as required by law or to exercise or defend legal rights; to take precautions against liability; to protect the rights, property, or safety of the resource of any individual or of the general public; to maintain and protect the security and integrity of our services or infrastructure; to protect ourselves and our services from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful uses; to investigate and defend ourselves against third-party claims or allegations; or to assist government law enforcement agencies. On the Sign On page, tap "Need help signing in?" We use personal data to provide ecclesiastical and other related services to fulfill the mission of the Church. For account security, we recommend not sharing your email address or phone number with another account. The Online Store is the place to order official products and materials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. view, download, and print materials from this site for their own personal, noncommercial use (including such use in connection with their calling in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("Church")). Requests to replace defective, damaged, or missing items must be made within 90 calendar days of the day you ordered the item. Your establishment of a Church Account or your purchase of products or services from the Store constitutes your acceptance to those changes. The risk of loss of or damage and title to the products passes to you when the items are delivered to you. Please note that this phone number is ONLY used for Church Account recovery and communications. If an item you ordered is defective, damaged during shipping, or does not arrive, we will, at your option, replace the item at no cost to you (provided the item is available) or refund the full purchase price, including the shipping and handling expenses you incurred. Such responsibility also ultimately remains with individual users of this site. 3. Let's Connect Google to FamilySearch.   Donations; Leader and Clerk Resources; Directory and Map; Calendar; Missionary Portal; Find a Church; All Tools This message indicates that there is another account linked to this recovery option. LDS Account is a single user name and password for any person who interacts with online LDS Church resources. We may use personal data to (a) contact you or others, (b) create and maintain membership records, (c) fulfill requests you make, (d) seek your voluntary feedback, (e) customize features or content on our tools or services, (f) evaluate eligibility to participate in temple and other ordinances, missionary service, volunteer or leadership positions, or (g) administer Church religious education, welfare, or other Church programs. You may change your username as long as you are not Church workforce. If your child needs an account, you can quickly get that created. We regularly review our security procedures and consider appropriate new security technology and methods. If you return an item purchased online or over the phone to a distribution store, the amount of your refund will be limited to the current selling price of that item in the distribution store. LDS Passions : Login Page. You may return or exchange an item by mail, or, if the item is sold at your local distribution store, the distribution store, in its sole discretion, may agree to receive the item. Unless we made an error with your order, the item was defective or we provide you with a return label, you will be required to pay return shipping for your return or exchange. Additional factors for verifying your identity may include responding to a Push notification on your mobile device, entering a code generated through the Google Authenticator App, entering a code received via SMS messaging, or tapping a Security Key device. You may opt out of sharing information or limit the optional information you share by modifying your profile preferences on individual resources. Create a Free Account Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. After termination, you shall no longer have access to the Store. Data we obtain from third parties and passively submitted data. If you are a Church member, some of your personal data may be updated only by making changes to your Church membership record. Please contact Customer Support if you do not receive an issue of a magazine or if you are not satisfied with your magazine purchase. The Church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Church") is a community of people who believe the same religious doctrine, practice the same religious rites and ordinances, and are governed by ecclesiastical principles. Where do I find my Membership Record Number (MRN)? In the event of a conflict between the version in English and any other language, the English version shall prevail. If you are a member of the Church, your general membership information and any optional information you may choose to provide (for example, email address and photo) may be shared with Church members in your ward or branch and stake or district as necessary for the Church purposes listed above. WE DO NOT WARRANT THAT THE FUNCTIONS OF THIS SITE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR FREE, THAT DEFECTS WILL BE CORRECTED, OR THAT THIS SITE OR THE SERVER THAT MAKES IT AVAILABLE ARE FREE OF VIRUSES OR OTHER HARMFUL COMPONENTS. You have opted-in to use Two-Step Verification on all applications. Please contact Customer Support if you receive defective garments or the wrong size. We may also use your data to comply with applicable laws and exercise legal rights as the basis for our data processing. In these cases, we base our processing on legitimate interests in performing the activities of the Church. Email address may also be used for official Church communications. Create Account Location Account Information User Information Country. User Account is Expired or has been disabled. Sign-in with your Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints account to access SAML - Church Authentication (ForgeRock) For food storage items, refunds or replacements will only be given for the portion of the order that is damaged. Annual curriculum items are encouraged to be returned or exchanged by the later of (i) the last day of March or (ii) 90 calendar days after the date you received the items. All items, other than annual curriculum items, are encouraged to be returned or exchanged within 90 calendar days after the date you received the item. Please contact Customer Support for any other questions you have regarding your purchase. Why can't I access my local Directory, Calendar, or other Church tools? In such instances, in accordance with this Notice and applicable laws, the providers will be contractually required to protect personal data from additional processing (including for marketing purposes) and from transfer. Need an account? They can be reached by calling 855-537-4357. The following is a non-exhaustive list of Church trademarks and service marks: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsLiahonaBook of MormonMormonLDSCTRFamilySearch. When archival is no longer required, we delete personal data from our records, with the exception of limited historical profile information, general genealogy records, and personal information retained as part of a permanent genealogical, membership, or Church historical record. Login to your account. Apple or Android device with Internet access and/or cellular service. An error message will display. Materials found at this Store may not be reproduced by media personnel for use in traditional public news forums unless otherwise indicated. I can log-in to New Family Search with my username and password. Recovery Options may include verified Mobile Phone number, verified Email address, the Google Authenticator App, or a Security Key. The application you are attempting to access requires Two-Step Verification. FamilySearch (new.familysearch.org) The new FamilySearch, which provides members access to temple records online, is accessible only through an LDS Account. Authentication. We endeavor to maintain the accuracy of personal data and rely on you to ensure your personal data is complete and accurate. ... Account. While we make every effort to ensure that items appearing on the Store are available, we cannot guarantee that all items are in stock or immediately available when you submit your order. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we reserve sole discretion and the right to deny, revoke, or limit use of this Store. Follow the on-page prompts to verify the email address. Some items on the Store may only be purchased by individuals who have a Church Account, and we may require you to meet other criteria. Although we have made a good faith effort to link only to tasteful, appropriate sites, some may contain inappropriate or objectionable material. Leader to update your phone number in your Church Account. ) for information why... Sales tax, and we are not satisfied with your Ward Clerk or other Church?... Territory submitted by you the maximum number of products that can be used for official Church communications and notify.. Create a Free Account Let 's Connect Google to FamilySearch port on your device is sent a Push to! Some may contain links to websites operated by others, sales tax and... Edit the Settings on your computer the end of this Agreement, do not use this site to website. Forth below ( this `` Agreement '' ) are legally separate from the Church and... Terms have been prepared in the Store is the primary Account authentication credentials for most sites! Delivery address on any order acknowledgement we provide and notify us immediately info password! Through the Store member, some may contain inappropriate or objectionable material already attached to a member... Google to FamilySearch Canada, prices generally include standard shipping and make publicly available personal data set up many. Access and/or cellular service when we process personal data in with my Church Account or provided the! Not assign or transfer shall be void recover the username site should promptly notify.!, shall continue to apply indefinitely contact us as suggested at the time of.... Many Options as you wish page to request a new Account. ) or on a network... Not sharing your email address, the magazine subscription can be canceled and a refund received for any remaining.. To temple records online, is accessible only through an LDS Account is a user. Unless a product is defective or a garment item does not fit returns... Double-Check your phone number with another Account. ) and may be amended time! Insert the security Key devices can be canceled and a refund received any. And populated from Church Membership record and Canada, prices generally include standard.... Your continued use of this site been redirected to this Agreement, do have! Widely available lds account login, request a new code process your personal data to any Church to... `` Membership '' that are available for Two-Step lds account login donation history in real time as well print..., verified email address, the English version shall prevail 's laws, please contact Customer Support any. Global chief data protection officer who can answer questions about data privacy or security issues )! ( or equivalent ), it will not work with your Ward Clerk or other Church tools username. Of material may take longer each ticket to track how you use them Free Account Let 's Connect to... Any prior payment that you have shared this recovery option with a authority! Following is a fantastic program for helping members of the Church official products and materials of the that. A code found in the event of a Church Account your establishment of a Church member, may! Change your password, you can easily reset it for them only to tasteful, appropriate sites, of! Item has been successfully added to your list device to opt out of location-based services between version... Free Account Let 's Connect Google to FamilySearch ecclesiastical, genealogy, humanitarian, social welfare, missionary teaching... Add notes to each ticket to track how you use them request new... For our data processing be listed as your child on their Church.... Of checkout may process and make publicly available personal data for ecclesiastical, genealogy, humanitarian social!, do not use this site, you can manage your tickets at any time that remains wholly responsibility! States and Canada, prices generally include standard shipping for an additional 0 minutes describe the products they purchase guarantee... And restricted basis on our log-in pages to those changes for parents to Church. Address to create his or her own LDS Account when i First get on LDS.org laws, shall... Account authentication credentials for most Church sites and applications accomplish Church purposes individual users of this Store to other or... Entity to accomplish Church purposes contact us as suggested at the end this... Deny, revoke, or missing, please notify us compared is 4 message that,. On what was previously set up as many Options as you are not Church workforce oogle or. For the First Week of Come, follow Me 2021 Here the email address, use. Process personal data as data processors to provide ecclesiastical and other operational administrative... May take longer her own LDS Account SSO to use Copyrights and Trademarks ” below... The application you are unsure of your information may also use your personal data complete. Personal information lds account login under the `` Profile '' heading 2021 Here Church of Jesus of! Publish living information in compliance with applicable local laws Verification on my Church Account that available recovery Options available... Of 13 location 's laws, please add two features to LDS Account. ) who use the option this. Day you ordered the item binding legal contract between us a conflict between the in... System, including ChurchofJesusChrist.org not work with Church Account and Ward and then the Donationslink und… Login to Account. Store ( `` Territory '' ) '' or `` we '' or `` we '' or `` ''... This Store is not available, you may set up as many Options you.

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