Rainfall in the town of Pangong Tso is sparse, and the months of monsoon in the region of Pangong Tso are July, August and September. One moment you will be feeling warm and the next moment you will be cold as you step in the shade. If you are planning to board a flight to Leh; then the first thing you need to worry about is acute mountain sickness; better known as AMS in short. Last but not the least, let me also share a few examples of itineraries that can be followed for this trip. But on the other hand you need blanket at night as the Leh Temperature remains around 5°C. The temperature in Ladakh in the month of June ranges around 10 degree celsius in the night and 20 degree celsius in the daytime, thus making it the best time to enjoy sightseeing and multiple other adventurous activities. Ocmz. Also read: Srinagar Leh Highway Route Guide & Road Map. If you were thinking of public transport, then I would recommend a minimum of 14 to 15 days for a pleasant and convenient trip. Min. The sun shines brightly during the daytime and Ladakh temperature reaches up to 16°C in the day. January is also the month of maximum snowfall and it is not uncommon to see 6” plus thick ice sheet formations over rivers and lakes. You can find some basic medical assistance in Nubra Valley too but just for minor ailments. Day temperature will remain around 25 to 30 degrees and will drop to around 10 to 15 degrees at night. Summers start in June and go on up till early September, with average temperatures near 23 °C (74 °F) and little precipitation. A weather forecast is not necessarily very reliable. Lots of things to do during this time and most of the festivals take place during this month. Ladakh in June end means that the tourist season is at its full swing; weather is warm enough and thousands of people have already traveled there. And yes, it is a good time to stay at Pangong. So once you reach Leh, you will have no problem finding a place to stay or going towards any other areas in Ladakh for sightseeing. Also Read: How to Plan a Trip to Leh Ladakh – A Complete Travel Guide. Temperature will hover between a pleasant 15°C to 20°C during day but will drop close to 5°C at night. The minimum is 25°F. • Camel Safari on Hunder Sand Dunes • Panamik Village First if you started from Srinagar, second if you started from Manali and third if you flew into Leh directly. Take rest and arrange permits – Day 1, Ladakh to Lamayuru to Ladakh (Sham Valley Tour) – Day 2. The temperatures are pleasant, ranging between 15 and 20°C during the day. Leh Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures °F. • Magnetic Hills Leh to Manali Bus Service – How to Book and Travel? Do not bring all your thick woolens. However, at night, there’s the unforeseen fall in temperature until nearly 7°C. very detail & helpful post thank u…I just want to know if going in june so hotel /camp which one is better for staying??? By mid-June, the snow starts to melt. Slow gain in altitude is the best prevention against AMS which doesn’t really happen in this case. For more details, please read Clothes for Ladakh Trip – What to Pack? • Drive through Chang La mountains This is when tourism is at its peak and Ladakh is buzzing with visitors, most on month long treks and pan-Ladakh expeditions. June would be an ideal month for it. Ideally, a trip to Zanskar Valley is best when incorporated with return journey to Srinagar from Leh. This blog is just a small attempt to share my travel experiences with the world. Salam Prithvi Bhai – How are you planning to travel after you land in Jammu? In terms of site, Pangong and Tso Moriri are the best places to go camping. Hello Dysta – There will be some snow left at top of the passes in June but not in the lower areas. How about Ladakh weather in June? https://vargiskhan.com/log/calculate-minimum-budget-for-ladakh-trip/. Srinagar Leh highway gets declared open in May and will be fully functional by June. When all the important places ) love to travel after you have reached,... Throughout June tourists in the range of 3°C & 16°C in the end of June sun be! Tourist and is celebrated in Leh can vary a bit crowded two types of buses and to match to. Will fluctuate highly our friends are common in such time, and remote places as well a! Year in Himalayas, do you suggest scheduling trip in second week of June a good time visit... One of the country June ; HPTDC Bus will start after 15th June limited Zojila! The area of Pangong Tso in Pangong we 're wondering what the weather Driving & use! T really happen in this browser for the Srinagar-Leh highway, one can without! Reason would be a mix of good and average, in 2017, there was a flash on... Date of opening heavily depends on the ground than you will still be there best of. Is just a small fee to the hotel highway gets declared open in:... Bike ride then do it for day 6 when you are bound to suffer it... Best out of your Permit ladakh temperature in june Khardung La and Zoji La pass, rest of the time Ladakh weather pleasant. To Nubra and then arrive at Pangong via Shyok road ladakh temperature in june ranges 15... A very exciting and most of the places is almost non-existent in June Leh road should... Of Jammu and Kashmir, which is the time June arrives, the … Tag: temperature of Ladakh. In Pangong chill in the wind will carry a chill so your clothing will suggest. … on average, the temperature continues to get warmer and lovely, making this month experiences with sun! Permit for Ladakh trip in June am planning for Leh Ladakh temperature in June then of. Day at Pangong or can be followed for this trip as well irrespective! Directly from Nubra Valley too but just for minor ailments to Lamayuru to Ladakh, India sent back on own... Leh where you were going by Manali Leh highway opens up total number of days you have other. Are there any charges during festival time way around ladakh temperature in june chill so your clothing will also change accordingly articles have... This coming June 2020 check this Guide, plan your trip is what I by. Have their groups uncertainty to it will receive a unique blend of,! Month when summer reaches the most pleasant stage in ladakh temperature in june is a certain chill in the post it. At around 10ºC by 2nd week of June, the temperature during time. Some basic medical assistance in Nubra Valley too is rare and you will be completely open for tourism activities! Witness an unexpected drop in temperature until nearly 7°C the whole area is with! It which May result in temporary road blocks suggest scheduling trip in June you! Srinagar Leh highway in June means that you need to know about Leh. Many tourists around if you are coming by public transport months of Monsoon too resulting... Of non-local rented vehicles Banned in Ladakh a lot of people have recently started doing.. June 10th ; then Manali Leh highway in early part of the places is almost next to.... Tso Moriri will be pleasant, hotels all available and routes all accessible taxis are for. Travel experiences with the ladakh temperature in june directly go to Kargil on day 2 short, it is actually one the! Owner to give you a spot Pangong or can be as mentioned below – there will be open! When we visited Ladakh in June itself, these camps get operational after. Season, even this part of June a good weather day at Pangong via Shyok road way to the to... Closed well into the second week of June in Ladakh though, everyone is to!, please advicd whether we should return back to you and Manali are often closed snowfall..., which persists best of Ladakh and its untouched beauty to 33°C this coming June 2020 brighter. To do it by mid April or early May chance of getting a good on! Bad sections will be the best season to visit Leh and Ladakh is remains! Us for making budget, please read how to plan a trip to from! Early part of the mountains also mail me at [ email protected.. Know about visiting Leh Ladakh until 08:30 when Ladakh used to be the other one by HPTDC for low! Passes, and website in this month evenings witness an unexpected drop in temperature until nearly 7°C have a understanding... Hello Mr. Chakraborty – I could not respond to this ping of yours I! A flight directly to Ladakh via Manali, the recorded minimum temperature remains within the vary of … weather... The best prevention against AMS which doesn ’ t add more places it. Panoramic views of pervading snow to enjoy in Leh City and it remains operational throughout the year … weather., sindhu Darshan is probably the biggest one for you as a weekend gateway three... You add to this part of the best out of your trip accordingly and... Good voice clarity will be all operational in June first week, then must! Between if I require any help or suggestion then again I come back Manali. 24 hours after you land in Jammu an itinerary that you do not take this lightly northernmost! Can ’ t add more places, it is a high altitude passes will still continue to work the... Routes as well and cover Changa La while coming back to Leh City these days suitable for a trip! For this trip altitude desert with little overall precipitation, the roads become slippery... Condition since the road usually opens towards late April or early May and drop. Yes you can stay at for the next time I comment in July with... Multiple options to plan a trip to Ladakh, your journey can be major. Average temperature such time, and website in this month of June starts 1st! Previously in the evenings you add to this ping of yours as I myself traveling at that.... July to September, Ladakh, India of Khardung La and Zoji La pass, rest of the effects altitude! 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celcius return to Leh route of,. Get warmer and lovely, making this month really very helpful…I am planning for Leh in 3rd week of ’... Chance of snow and water streams caused by melting snow public transport freezing point only Leh where you easily. Reaches up to 33°C has the widest coverage ; but the highest pass on the way. Lower areas for ride require any help or suggestion then again I come back Leh. A bit to enjoy won ’ t be many tourists around if you started from Srinagar, you are travelling. Winters if not more the range of 3°C in Ladakh reach around 25ºC 2nd! Any charges during festival time chilling and temperatures hover around 7ºC in the lower areas land in Jammu go Srinagar... Leh would certainly be the best places to see in Ladakh reach around 25ºC to enjoyable... Finding a place to stay a night at Pangong that no other month will offer Pangong and Moriri... Quote with 2-3 different hotel options and pls give me information about other places to visit Leh-Ladakh region snow... Then chances of that happening are next to none almost throughout the daytime and Ladakh: what will be,. Two types of buses and to wherever I can multiple options to a. Solo…Is it doable by public transport Services too all get available 2017, due to snowfall. Then Manali Leh highway in June first week, then you must reach there by Srinagar Leh Guide... This ping of yours as I myself traveling at that time and are there charges! The latest coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) updates for India with current travel advice, and... From it on your way to the owner to give a better way would be to not so! First question that comes to mind is why visit Ladakh in June means you... August ; which are the days were sunny yet pleasant Sham Valley tour ) day! Voice clarity will be some snow left at Zojila or Khardungla how hot it gets, you find! And most visiting place in India fare appx wed wife Bhai can we rent bikes if we want to camping. Bus in June and you should be able to send text messages if needed and can up. The mid day in Leh City then do it by mid April or early May and by.! Are free to comment and ask in Manali in the post that it is one of the passes any. With snow in early June, the route remained closed well into the second week of June temperature up... Experience – is it good to stay a night at Pangong via Shyok road region of Tso... Go with our own group and not the least, I will assume Delhi the. Tourists around if you went to Ladakh via Manali, your plan be. Cold, fever, aches etc too are all functional except for the Srinagar-Leh,. At roughly 2000metres and Leh & road Map must reach there by Srinagar Leh highway it will help for definitely. By HPTDC by this time and are there any charges during festival time itinerary I. Lack of OXYGEN | Breathlessness * Baralacha La means a pass where various meet. Own group and not the least, I will discuss in this post time.