Pete also used a 1952 Telecaster onstage for solo appearances from 1986 through 1997. Because of the fragility of the Rickenbacker guitars Pete used during this time, he needed a guitar that could stand up to the stage abuse and be rebuilt easily. Two chrome knobs (volume and “blend”), three-position toggle switch. Pete Townshend has had an enormous impact on the world of music for over 50 years as a composer, guitarist, singer, pianist, producer, electronic music pioneer, author, and as the creative force behind legendary rock band The Who. Under Texan ownership, the company introduced several new guitars models; one of them was a Fender Telecaster -style guitar akin to the one built for Pete Townshend. Sale. Pete Townshend was an album rock performer and a lead member of The Who. Non-Whotabs links are provided for informational purposes only and are not controlled or monitored by Whotabs. Ca. See more ideas about telecaster, fender telecaster, fender. And he gave me a Stratocaster that I wrote and recorded Don’t Look Back In Anger on. The Definitive Online Tablature and Gear Resource for The Who since 1997. 1966, German television promotional appearance, miming with a Fender Telecaster with rosewood neck and third middle pickup added. The Pete Townsend Stratocaster features three of the Lace Sensor Gold single coil pickups, which were all the rage back in the late ’80s with Fender. fitted with Fender American Standard six-saddle bridge. Pete Townshend used (and abused) many Fender Telecaster guitars between late 1965 and 1967. Whotabs has been updated, 9 Oct. 2020. The Telecaster is the guitar that links Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett with bluesman Albert Collins, Dr Feelgood’s Lazarus Wilko Johnson with country rebel Waylon Jennings, cadaverous Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie/The Creatures shredder John 5 with Let It Be-era Beatle George, and — here’s a beauty — ex-Smith Johnny Marr with Rick & Francis of Status Quo. 1966, a collection of broken guitars, including two Telecasters and a Rickenbacker Rose Morris 1997. Then I started to get interested in a wide variety of guitars. Townshend covered up his mistake by smashing the guitar to pieces, and the rest was history. Pete Townshend Gear History – Full timeline, 1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty”. By Mike Randle and Mike Duffy As a charter member of U.K. rock royalty, Pete Townshend has inspired countless players around the world with his wild solos, impeccable rhythm technique and penchant for windmilling antics and guitar-smashing theatrics. 1986 (Deep End), onstage with 1952 Fender Telecaster. Ca. I’m standing up there at the shows that I’m doing, and I’m carrying this ’52 Telecaster. Last One. [CDATA[ 1989, with 1952 Fender Telecaster fitted with Fender American Standard six-saddle bridge. By 1967, Pete would transition to using Fender Stratocasters — also because of their strength and reliability. [CDATA[ The SG was clearly marked as a Pete Townshend limited edition model and came with a special case and certificate of authenticity, signed by Townshend himself. [CDATA[ It’s a masterpiece. 7 June 1966, Odense, Fyens Forum, with Fender Telecaster fitted with a Danelectro coke-bottle neck, being introduced to Marshall stack. For rockers like John 5, Pete Townshend, Joe Strummer and Keith Richards, it's the punchy sound. According to Frank Lucido, Pete acquired the primary model from Frank’s vintage guitar store California Guitar. “This pissed me off.