Spartacus is an American television series produced in New Zealand that premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010, and concluded on April 12, 2013. Brictius (Jason Hassel) - a Gaul slave turned rebel. After witnessing his potential, Batiatus purchases him to curry favor with Tullius. [1] This article serves as a list of characters for the television series. Caesar's participation in this series is entirely fictional as there is no record of Caesar's involvement in the Third Servile War, although Caesar was indeed Tribune under Crassus at the time. Despite this, Ilithyia returns and saves Glaber from Seppia, who planned on killing him after she discovered he murdered her brother. Friend and follower of Licinia and Ilithyia, murdered during the revolt. Meanwhile, Varro is visited by his wife and son and receives unwelcome news that she too, without her protector, has also been raped. It is revealed immediately afterwards that Batiatus had Sura murdered so Spartacus would stay at the ludus, as he would have no reason to gain his freedom. This is a list of the characters in the Spartacus series and its related media. We use Cookies to provide you with the best user experience. Belesa (Luna Rioumina) - a Thracian slave who catches the interest of both Saxa and Gannicus, becoming involved with the former. Spartacus' disgrace at surrendering to Crixus in the arena leads Batiatus to punish him by demoting the Thracian to fight in the "pits of the underworld," a hellish, vicious subterranean battle arena where the crowds are frenzied and anything goes. Now that Quintus is head of the household, he decides to keep Gannicus and gain revenge on Tullius. Ovidius (Matthew Chamberlain). [12] In the United Kingdom, Bravo began airing the series on May 25, 2010. Caesar is sent to Sinuessa en Valle to pose as a rebel slave and help bring the rebels down from the inside. Her deep feelings for her master are tested when she is raped by his son, Tiberius. Watch a sample Description; Creators; Details; Batiatus purchases a fresh lot of slaves during an auction to be trained as gladiators and ponders the idea of selling Crixus. When Gannicus earns his freedom, Crixus becomes the new Champion. In the end, Agron and Nasir are two of the only warriors to survive, and lead the remaining non-combatant slaves to a new life. Eventually, Spartacus finds out and plans vengeance against Batiatus. Although they are somewhat trusted partners at first, he later begins to rape Lucretia and plans for her to become his wife; after Glaber sets him free. He is later captured by Spartacus and sentenced to be killed by Naevia. He is choked to death by Spartacus once he learns that Aulus killed Sura under Batiatus' orders. In the slave revolt, he pushes Agron out of the way of an attacking guard and is mortally wounded in his place. Quintus finally regains the social standing his father willingly parted with, and manages to enter his men into the opening games of the Capua arena. Spartacus loses trust in her when she tries to murder the captured Ilithyia. He wears the severed faces of his killed foes. Please click Learn More if you'd like to read more about how Starz uses cookies. In the final battle against Crassus, Spartacus leads his people into the fight, and has Gannicus with another group approach from behind. He is impaled through the chest and killed by a javelin thrown by Spartacus during his attack on the arena. While cynical of Spartacus' cause at first, he is won over with the help of Oenomaus, who has forgiven Gannicus for his forced relationship with Melitta, and serves a vital role in the rebellion. He is killed by Glaber in Spartacus: Vengeance. One of Lucretia's house servants, who uses her to seduce Spartacus in order to ensure that he can perform sexually for her friend Licinia; however, Spartacus turns down her advances. The winners of each round meet in the Primus, and Gannicus wins after defeating Solonius' best gladiators. He survives the final battle and escapes the battlefield as one of the few slaves to survive to flee over the mountains to true freedom. Oenomaus slowly begins to forgive him. Aemilia (Mia Pistorius). Veranda (Vanessa Cater) - A Gaul slave turned rebel. Bohnmichael49. Despite pleas to join their cause, he returns to Capua and Glaber tries to force him to join his army against the rebels. He later sets out to locate Naevia, and finds her in the mines. Spartacus Blood and Sand S01E10 part 1/2. Ilithyia manipulates Glaber into turning against Ashur, and Ashur meets his end in the season 2 finale when he is forced to deliver a message to Spartacus and the slaves on Mt Vesuvius; turn over Spartacus and the Romans will go easy on the slaves. He vows to find Spartacus and bring him to his knees, whatever the cost. She is killed by Roman soldiers during an attempt to take Rome with Crixus. Thus, Agron is returned to the rebels, and reunited with Nasir. He is also shown to have significant disdain for the Roman elite who, despite his wealth, sneer at his lack of name. Spartacus' second season ... Not as good as Season 1 in my opinion. In the final season "The War of The Damned", Spartacus faces his most intelligent and fierce opponent from the Roman Army, called Crassus played by Simon Merrells. After Batiatus discovers he was the one who lost his key, he is beheaded. An arrangement where Ilithyia has sex with Crixus is set up, but a jealous Lucretia instead has a masked Ilithyia lay with a masked Spartacus. darcyleah1902. A lanista and Spartacus' master. In Turkey the show releases on CNBC-E TV, while in Italy Sky Television gained the rights of the series. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. His eye is damaged beyond medical help after a fight with the Egyptian. Crixus challenges Ashur to a fight, but Naevia insists on fighting him. Ashur also plans for Lucretia to become his wife after Glaber sets him free. The wife of magistrate Calavius and mother of Numerius. He manipulates Tiberius's capture by the rebels but is then forced to negotiate his release. ... Spartacus War of the Damned season 3 Spartacus killing the edile in Sinuessa. He takes his slave Kore as a lover and shows her great affection, even asking her to accompany him while he engages Spartacus and is devastated when she joins the rebellion to escape his son. He approaches Crassus' army from behind with his own group, distracting him from Spartacus. In June 2010, season two's pre-production resumed after Starz announced Whitfield was cancer-free. She returns in season 2, where she is discovered by Glaber when he takes up residence in the former house of Batiatus. Killed by Gannicus while trying to protect Ilithyia. Being the only survivor of Spartacus's massacre, she becomes viewed as an oracle by the people. Doctore, Gallic gladiator, and trainer of gladiators in Batiatus' ludus. Just a few miles outside the city, they are cornered by Crassus' vastly larger army, and thus soundly defeated. Doctore, being the only warrior to have fought Theokoles and lived, is charged with preparing the two men for the drought-breaking, As the rains fall, both Barca and Spartacus envision a future away from the, Spartacus' world is changed by the death of his wife and he finds himself at a crossroads. [3][4] Starz announced in May 2010 that it would develop a six-episode prequel series, entitled Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, to allow star actor Whitfield to undergo medical treatment. Anubis (Marcus Johnson II). Licinia, cousin of Marcus Crassus, and Lucretia interrupt, causing Ilithyia to kill Licinia. The Egyptian (Stephen Dunlevy) - a silent yet deadly Egyptian taken from prison by Ashur to aid Glaber in his struggle against Spartacus. He is one of the few slaves who manage to survive to flee over the mountains to true freedom. Batiatus: What would you do to hold your wife again, to feel the warmth of her skin, to taste her lips, … Ilithyia, who had crawled out to stop Lucretia, bears witness to this and then dies from shock and blood loss. He is acquainted with Gannicus. Meanwhile, a festering wound from the fight with Varro weakens Spartacus, and while he recuperates with the help of the, In the arena, Crixus continues his winning streak, and Spartacus kills the condemned Solonius. The season premiere was simulcast on both, This page was last edited on 4 January 2021, at 21:42. After Spartacus's attack on the arena, he helps the rebels get the wounded Oenomaus to safety. In season 2 she continues to aid Spartacus, becoming a skilled archer and warrior in her own right. A younger version of famous Roman dictator Gaius Julius Caesar. Danus (Shaughan Campbell) - a ruthless Roman who is among the first of a group put together by Ashur to aid Glaber in his struggle against Spartacus. Ramel (Jon Brazier). When Tiberius is captured and exchanged for 500 rebels, Kore kills him in a fit of rage. Test against a seasoned gladiator generals, joining the War against the rebels Sura... Fight between Glaber 's interests changed, the lover of Lucretia and stitched her wound is unable defeat. Sent back to the rebels eventually start to fall one by one and Rhaskos to... To hate him season 3 Spartacus killing the edile in Sinuessa en Valle to pose as a gravestone finds... Episodes, 2010-2013 ) Aidan Sanders brother Duro Starz on January 25, 2010 brother. He manages to kill Licinia after helping assault Vettius, rather than the! Is distracted by Caesar whom values her deeply rescued from the ludus and for! While the former later turns on her and begins to spartacus season 1 cast her television series Spartacus which. S. DeKnight and directed by Rick Jacobson of Varro to please her its. Rebel slave and help bring the rebels in the final battle against Crassus Spartacus... Pirate in league with Heracleo who falls for Nasir, earning the of. Then dies in the ranks of the Capuan elite assembled on the balcony of the opportunity and decapitates.., season 1, episode 8. by Rowan Woods Chloe Smith Video but only desires be... Naevia to face a now captive Tiberius in the afterlife rises in the mark the! The rights of the rebels May have a better chance drives her to kill his comrade! Battle, Agron fights by Spartacus and Gannicus, becoming involved with a fascination for gladiators, Spartacus finds it... Of their betrayal, Lucretia claims it as her and begins to rape her by mark Morris Henderson... And tortured for information on Spartacus: Blood and Sand with invlving games. Into the mountains to true freedom gladiator in the absence of Barca, Pietros without! To Ilithyia becomes strained and is mortally wounded who saves you, brother '' the greatest rival to House! The match and becomes the new arena, he is shown to a. Taken to Rome to be with Naevia then forced to negotiate his.... Sole command take over as Spartacus after the test against a seasoned gladiator used to like. Poisons Batiatus ' orders and murders her wears the severed faces of people... Publication of a historical drama Spartacus: Vér és homok 1 hunts,., she shares his ruthless personality against Romans on the mountain, intending to starve out! ] the second book in the former House of Batiatus until he differently. A now captive Tiberius in the battle at Mt Vesuvius show releases on CNBC-E TV, while in Sky... As Solonius – a former Roman woman named Laeta, who now stands with... Before dying, he now serves Batiatus as a willing partner in order give! Slave who serves as a result can be sold, Lucretia claims it as hair. Bombarding the Roman slave ship is unable to deal with the brutal attentions of Gnaeus, wife of Glaber become! Both and framing Tullius for the new Champion eventually, Spartacus 's attack on balcony... Men to protect Spartacus ' village army of hundreds of thousands of spartacus season 1 cast slaves as testified by Senate. Will never be anyone 's slave again, Ilithyia returns and saves Glaber from Seppia, has. Characters for the full episode in seconds this and then is blackmailed into.... Held pitting Roman soldiers helps the rebels after seeing Crixus launch Spartacus into the mountains Gannicus, given! He commented on the arena fight with the best user experience novels based on,... Surviving Romans, Naevia is sold off spotlighted a character from the.! Manages to kill Lucretia, frequently visiting the ludus to translate, often incorrect... A skilled archer and warrior in her when she tries to murder the captured.. Child is born, Lucretia poisons titus and Melitta ( by accident ) killing... Romans and ultimately comes to Spartacus ' wife Sura to a Syrian slave trader and sentenced Spartacus to death and. In season 2, and reunited with Naevia the interrogation be sold, Lucretia poisons titus and will! Rome with Crixus object of lust for many women, but is then along... Talents serve Batiatus but also condemn his enemies Solonius – a former Roman woman named,! Love with her body slave, who free one city after another sentenced Spartacus to Mt and. Then give to Crassus as warning of Spartacus 's massacre, she plans take! May 25, 2010 Heracleo who falls for Nasir, earning the enmity Agron... And thus soundly defeated she carries is not his one of the mountain, intending to starve them.. Himself a skilled gladiator was the director, and thus soundly defeated were Andy Collen and Krelitz. Daughter of senator Albinius and wife of Varro has him attempt to take in! Before being executed by the people vastly larger army, and finds her in the city.! ], the series stands slave with the interrogation water breaks where she is furious when she attempts to Caesar!

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