program? Q: How often are applications accepted?  |  Legal For more details on how to apply, see the Master’s Entry Program in Nursing admissions page on the website. Enter keywords or phrases Of the 2017 graduates, 100% passed the NCLEX on a first or later attempt and 79% passed on the first attempt. Integrate scientific findings from the liberal arts and the natural and behavioral sciences in their nursing practice. A: If the course was repeated at the degree-granting institution prior to graduation, the GPA calculation is determined by the school’s grade-forgiveness policy. Do you use the NursingCAS calculation? A: We require three letters of recommendation. Q: I have lived and worked in the US for years, but all of my transcripts are from another country. Faculty and staff with the master’s-degree entry program are committed to helping all students finish successfully. Please visit NursingCAS' Help Center for more information. Participate in population-based health promotion and disease prevention strategies with diverse individuals, families, communities and populations. A: Applications open by May 1 and close Aug. 1. How many people applied to the program? Q: What courses are used to calculate the prerequisite science GPA?A: Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Chemistry and Microbiology with their associated labs are used to calculate the prerequisite science GPA. Q: Must applicants complete hospital or health care experience before they can apply to the Master’s Entry Program in Nursing? Taking additional courses or repeating courses after receiving a bachelor’s degree does not affect a bachelor’s degree GPA. A: Both programs are graduate nursing programs; however, Master of Science in Nursing programs are designed for students who already earned bachelor’s degrees in Nursing and seek to further their nursing education. programs prior to April 1 are not eligible. Q: Are undocumented applicants eligible for enrollment?A: The School of Nursing seeks to provide full disclosure for individuals who are undocumented: Undocumented applicants to the school’s clinical programs (physician assistant, nurse practitioner and entry-level nursing) must apply for a Childhood Arrival (DACA) work permit and a Social Security number, which are required for licensure exams upon graduation. How is everyones week going? The below outcomes are based on the first two classes and will be updated over time. 98% of 2018-19 students graduated on time. Q: I am an international graduate and practicing clinician. A: Faculty members are actively involved in the admissions process of each program. NursingCAS does NOT notify applicants if applications are incomplete or if documents are missing. Q: How is the science GPA calculated?A: The school calculates a science prerequisite GPA in lieu of a traditional science GPA. It is the applicants' responsibility to monitor the status of their applications and application materials on a regular basis. © 2014 UC Regents. A: All applicants interested in applying to the physician assistant program or Master’s Entry Program in Nursing must complete all required prerequisites, regardless of their academic or professional backgrounds. © 2014 UC Regents. UC Davis MEPN 2019. before enrolling in the Master’s Entry Program in Nursing? A Social Security number is also required for some clinical placements.