You also cannot use the standard Luna removal tool to get that ring off as it is inset inside the chainring adapter, but I am assured that a new tool is coming. The new High torque N380X may be able to handle it, My understanding from Eric was that every Ultra Max that left the Lunacycle factory would have steel gears installed in it. If you want more than 30 days then you need to pay extra $350/6 mths $700/1 yr. Don’t order this ebike with anything other than the 2500W Ludicrous mode (+$250). Embedded strain sensors have been shown to be very effective in detecting and locating material structural damage, which is often not visible with composite materials. Fat bikes offer a very comfortable ride over questionable terrain and lasmtest tire compounds do a fantastic job of minimizing punctures but with everything there is a risk. Sensor fault 1- Disconnect the outdoor temperature sensor and take an ohm reading using chart B. I choose the Surley Larry tires 26X3.8. Maybe the Maxxis Mammoth tires offered are thicker but the tires choices are not spec out. Although the ebike markets of the world are flooded with 250-350 Watt Torque sensing motors, there is nothing on the market that even comes close to comparing to the new Bafang Ultra Max drive tricked out with a Lunacycle 2500W Ludicrous controller. If the sensor is out of calibration replace it. At 2500W you are guaranteed that any nylon gears are going to peanut butter. I was also incredibly paranoid about smashing and breaking the carbon rims by bunny hopping curbs. I dont want to spend 10k on a bike that does that for me. Considering that Optibike has been in business for years I’d say that there is a market for higher priced e-bikes, and considering a few people in this thread, myself included, bought an Apex I’d say that there’s a market for that too. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I intend on using whatever I purchase as a commuter (7miles) to work so I want to reserve the option to limit my speeds to 28mph when law enforcement is around. That’s $14,000. Do We Care? Using the following example of "Rear left speed sensor faulty", we will explain the diagnostics work required for an active wheel speed sensor. I didn’t see any on the close-ups. Although it was slightly louder than the nylon gear, it was not annoying like the Cyclone and Tangent drive systems are. There is just no way to milk these Ultra Max motors for the kind of torque I want when the front chainring is so large. With the Rohloff you have super low end range as well as pedal along at 40mph. It will be reposted at some point in the future. The ebike I tested had a prototype steel gear replacement and it seemed to work flawlessly. Riding the Apex was my first experience with the $1800 Rohloff carbon IGH and I have to say it was love at first ride. It is about the same noisewise as the BBSHD, maybe slightly louder with the steel gear upgrade. Nice review, waiting for the programming guide to Ultra. That how long it took me to kill a set of snowshoe XL tires on my KHS 3000. Sounds like a very pricey beta bike with issues. Luna Cycle is proud to be one of 2 distributors of the Gearsensor in the United States. Because of the high price of the Rohloff I was steering towards the Alfine but did wonder if it would be OK with the motor, but now I’m thinking of spending the extra and getting the Rohloff. 48V, 60V, 72V TFT750C Colorful Display (with 5-level PAS, Speed Limit, Speed Display, Voltage Selection, Start Mode, Regenerative Braking Function) After a lot of head banging and cutting the power of the drive unit down to 1/20 of the original power from a standstill I ended up getting a drive unit that performed the way I thought it should. It screams ‘steal me’ like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Battery Power Adapter Cable (From "O" ring to Anderson Plug) Optional Parts: 1. I would shine it up and throw on a tuxedo just to complete the image. It saved us instead of doing what you would think would happen in a situation like that which is drive us down further. Would help to know how the wires come out – will help me order a good frame. Easy thing to fix, just gotta ride 1400 miles and replace worn tires with 120 TPI tires. $23.88 $ 23. If you want to see what you can get away with on the streets and on bike paths then this ebike is a perfect choice because it looks enough like a bicycle that even at 35+ mph as long as you’re pedaling along, everyone will pretty much ignore you. The Apex was transformed with the proper programming from an ebike I would probably never buy (too sketchy) to something that was really fun to ride. It didn’t break. This makes your throttle the sole e-bike addition to your bars. Did you know that I’m so poor that as of Jan 1st, 2018 I now qualify for Medicaid? Speed Sensor with Spoke Magnet ; Main Wiring Harness (wiring that connects all the kit components) Ebike Battery with charger (your choice of 48V 11.6Ah, 52V 11.6Ah, 52V 14Ah or 48V 17.5Ah) All our batteries have easy plug and play connections (upgraded Anderson connections) to fit the Bafang motor. The biggest problem with the BBS02 is when it is turning under too much load at too low of a speed. 2- If the Sensor is working properly replace the main control board. Unlike my wobbly crap-ass $1500 Bikes Direct Sniper which I have decided to totally scrap for parts, the Apex carbon frame has almost no discernable flex in the rear swingarm. What happen??? There are several different versions, and although I like the 4 bolt BCD 104 pattern, most of the newer Ultra Max’s seem to have the much larger 5 hole BCD 110 pattern which means you’re not going to be able to mount anything smaller than a 40T chainring on it. I didn’t try jumping the Apex and in all honesty, I can’t recommend that. It is hands down the nicest drive mechanism I have ever used. Thanks for your article. Probably the nicest skinny-tired road bike I’ve ridden with unheard of speed and range. It may be a solution for Luna’s Apollo If you don’t have decent brakes and big rotors you begin to feel like an accident waiting to happen. If I try a product I don’t like then I simply don’t write about it. The only thing I can nit pit about the bike is the tires. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I’m getting old, heavy and well past the mid-life crisis stage (I think) so this is just so I can get up hills, period. Throw the optional Lauf Carbonara Carbon Fat Fork on the bike for an extra $200 and the $500 carbon rims and it suddenly becomes a beautiful work of art. News, reviews and chat about everything ebike related. I think this is because at 2500W the Ultra Max is almost too powerful and the rider needs to offer a little restraint. On recent vehicles, wheel speed sensors transmit speed data to many other systems which control I’ve tested the 1000W stock Ultra Max. It was also heavy but a surprisingly stable ride at 35mph+ with only 2″ tires and no rear susp and you can get it for about 1/2 the price of the Apex. Tons of torque and I don’t lose any sleep if I break the frame in half. “I Void Warranties : Hacking The Bafang Ultra Max Mid-Drive Ebike Drive” ??? Loading this heavy monster on your bike rack without scratching it is my least favorite part of riding the Apex. A steel gear shouldn’t cost a price difference of US$400 with nylon gear. But now it’s offered something completely new: a stealthy electric fixie-style bike. Price of frame 600$, price of motor 580$, battery 300$ (14S4P) from Sanyo GA. While the majority of cadence sensors are offered as separate attachments to … How about a $5 Burrito and a slap on the back (great job … sucker). The Luna Sensor Suite for Aircraft Corrosion Monitoring (LS2A-802) is a wired or wireless sensor node capable of autonomously monitoring environmental and corrosivity parameters to determine the atmospheric severity of difficult to access regions within airframes. Get it as soon as Fri, Feb 5. The carbon battery case is removable with 2 hex screws and has a magnetic charging connector. Just write in google: Dengfu Bafang frame. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. This reviewer is not making money off the advertising, he’s making a killing fleecing ebike companies for crappy review after crappy review. Ever since I started getting into ebikes I’ve wanted to build a high power torque sensing ebike. The Apex is exactly what I want. What warranty? Although I was skeptical of the Apex, I can say with some certainty that The Apex is an ebike worth writing about. ( Log Out /  How does the sound / stealth compare to the BBSHD? Kudos to Luna for continuing to push the envelope and advance the industry. Do We Care? I tested the Apex extensively both on the streets of LA and on some gnarly intermediate single track and it was clear after 2 days that while the Apex really shines as a street commuter, it is only a so-so trail ebike. Integrated Speed Sensor: Exclusive to Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles for a smooth and natural power assist feel. I will. So I do see great value in the Apex. Ha ha. Fast, free and DDP shipping options available. The amount of range you get is incredible and the Rohloff allows you to shift from a standstill and has a nice feature of locking out the shifting when the hub is under severe load. The Apex is simply too heavy and when riding it on the trails it sits right on the edge of the boundary between eMTB and electric motocross. I decided last week to go full out and use an IGH and have been looking at the Shimano Alfine 11 speed with Di2 electronic shifter or the Rohloff Speedhub with the new E14 electronic shifter. I’ll keep it stock for now but am very interested in what you said about the ability to tweak it and also about the replacement steel gears. Luna Cycle told me that if anything was damaged they would replace. Create an account with us and you'll be able to: Fill in your email below to request a new password. Your customer has reported a functional problem with the ABS system. Luna Cycle , Mid-Drive BBSHD Bafang - 1600 Watt Hot Rod Version Luna Cycle Mighty Mini 30 Tooth Chain Ring in Blue. If you really want to bunny hop then get an Anthem 2 instead (actually any of the Anthems are pretty awesome, the Anthem 1 has an insane titanium 46T granny). 4. A monster truck might suck in city driving, but a Ferrari sucks on bumpy gravel roads. Although I am not a fan of carbon on ebikes, the Apex frame seems solid. Luna Cycles is committed to providing fast electric bikes quality ebike components at … The surest way to blow your controller is to use full throttle in too high of a gear on a hill where the pedals are turning too … He is supposed to post more when he has played more with it, but says that it made a huge difference, and allowed him to get the Torque sensing to behave exactly how he wanted it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I still smashed the drive unit once or twice on rocks and logs even though it is up pretty high. Although it can be neutered to be made street legal, you absolutely would never ever want to do that. That really is what high power ebiking is, the illusion of control. As a side note, when removing the mounting ring for the chainring adapter it is backward threaded to righty loosy and lefty tighty. Without any knowledge of what any of the settings on the new Bafang Ultra Max drive did I spent 4 hours tweaking the settings to get them just right. I was able to climb up even the steepest and sandiest slopes without using the throttle and without putting my foot down. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Got the Lauf fork + rohloff option. The kit was an easy install, nothing difficult. I tend to run the Nexus 3 but geared way the hell down so the bike tops out at <20mph for the trails. In Alibaba you can get the Ultra kit under US$600 instead at Luna for US$1,000. This bike is too expensive and heavy and ridiculous for the street-only riding I do. 66 were here. Everything is inside the frame. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. If you find a cheap fatty frame for the Ultra Max let me know. Vulcan - The Vulcan, unlike the Vengeance, has hydraulic disk brakes instead of mechanical disk brakes. Another great article Karl. Is 1500w powerful enough and quiet enough for most city commuting ? The equations just keep looking better and better for e-bikes, and this three-speed carbon-belted mid-drive from Luna Cycles is one of the … When the pedal cadence is too high at high speeds, it always triggers that fear reflex in your mind, like maybe you really are going too fast. Get free design tools and engineering support. It might not look pretty but the Apex has an entirely new battery construction technique that promises to revolutionize ebike pack construction for years to come. Welcome to EMTB Forums, the world's best electric mountain bike community. I appreaciate Luna Cycles drive to produce a thrilling product that many will enjoy. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Please be aware that the Luna Apex is not even remotely street legal in any state. Shop all products from Luna Innovations Incorporated. California-based Luna Cycle is more commonly known for its high power, high-speed electric bikes. Just don’t. ( Log Out /  What this ebike says to the world is “I don’t care how much it costs, I absolutely must have the best”. Pingback: Will 2018 Be The Year That Electric Bikes Finally Hit The Mainstream? It's the best time for you to save your money with Luna Cycle promo codes and offers at The bike is too heavy and the shocks are not high enough quality to bunny hop. Luna X1 Enduro on Sale at its lowest point Ever. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), The Lunacycle Apex : The Best Torque Sensing Ebike (a lot of) Money Can Buy, View electricfatbike’s profile on Facebook, View UCjtG_I4Gmj-XPJCjceU9DIg’s profile on YouTube, Intrusive Chainstays & Non-Standard BB Size Issues, Improper mounting and alloy frame failure, Nylon Gear Failure From Axle Grease Seepage, Replacing The Nylon Primary Reduction Gear, California e-Bikes 100mm BBS02 Drive Unit & Kit, AC Inverter + Batteries = Portable Generator, Buying Batteries from the US at China prices, Road Bike BBSHD 1000W 8-speed 36lbs ~$1200, Bullseye Bluto Pro 10-Speed BBS02 46lb ~$2049, Deadeye Monster Single Speed BBS02 42lbs <$900, Bullseye Monster 8-Speed BBS02 46lbs ~$1750, Ace Single Track Full Susp BBS02 9speed 40lbs ~$1500, Cheapo Commuter BBS02 8 Speed 45lbs ~$780, Walmart Dolomite 7-speed 59lbs BBS02 ~$700, Deadeye Monster 6000W Ascent Nexus-3 IGH 45lb $2868, Sniper Full Susp Ascent 3000W 10sp 46lbs $3520, Deadeye Monster Cyclone N171 57 lbs ~$889, Soul Stomper 3 Speed IGH Cyclone 63lbs ~$1268, Luna Apex 2500W 28Ah 2500W Ultra Max $5499, Luna Rhino 5000W Cyclone 3Sp IGH Cargo Fatbike $3350 80lbs, Luna Giant Anthem 2 BBSHD $3779 Ludicrous 50Amp opt, Luna KHS 3000 10 speed BBSHD Ludacris $2849 50lbs, Luna Ruckus $1899 65lbs BBSHD 8 Speed 50Amp opt, Luna 96v Custom Apocolypse Racing Scooter, Luna Apocalypse 3000W 2WD 35mph Kick eScooter, Biktrix 2016 Juggernaut BBS02 7 speed $2499 USD, Sondors ebike Single Speed 59lbs 350W $499 + $194 Shipping, Sondors DIY 12T Mac AWD 2600W 74lbs ~$1871, Felt LEBOWSKe 11 speed 48lbs Bosch 400W $5799, e-Fatbikes Reviewed by Electric Bike Review, 30′ Tall Puppet and 4 Person Mutant Ebike, I Void Warranties : Hacking The Bafang Ultra Max Mid-Drive Ebike Drive, Rebel Scum II : 2500W Ultra Max Ludicrous DIY Torque Sensing Full Susp 10sp Ebike ~$2805 w/out Battery, No One Gives A Rat’s Ass About Your ‘Street Legal’ Ebike : Build Something Awesome,,,, I Void Warranties : Hacking The Bafang Ultra Max Mid-Drive Ebike Drive |,, ♫ Roam If You Want To, Roam Around The World ♫ : Luna’s Ludicrous 34Ah Giant Roam Fusion |, Will 2018 Be The Year That Electric Bikes Finally Hit The Mainstream? The Apex is available here for $5,500 with the stock options. This is one clean ebike. Honestly, I was nervous giving this much money to a company that I haven’t had any previous business with but watching Eric’s videos and reading this review definitely helped. The Apex is the perfect bike for someone, and not for others. Not sure when. Hi – how are the cables and connections routed ? The Rohloff hub allowed me to always pedal along at a comfortable cadence which further added to the illusion of this product as a bicycle. I’m in New Zealand and am changing my old 250W Tongsheng torque sensing 36V system into a Bafang Ultra Max 1000W 48V one. I was told I got the first production APEX from Luna support . On the trails, the Apex did better than I expected it to. The sensor monitors several different engine and transmission functions and sends the information to the on-board computer. It was a great commuter (for well-paved roads). If the BCD is a 5 bolt 110 mm, why couldn’t you go down to a 34 tooth chainring? ( I will be adding hydraulic brakes later) Luna 860C Full Color Display Gear Shift Sensor Universal Thumb Throttle Showdown Of The Crappy Ebay Battery Spotwelders : Which One Really Sucks The Least? When deciding what to equip the Apex with, they really spared no expense with the optional $1800 Rohloff IGH and $600 carbon fiber rims. United States. High performance meets high quality. Ok, Finally finished the project. You can even get rid of the Bafang speedometer sensor and speedometer cable and just use the one on your computer or use the Batt Man watt meter from Luna which is a more useful display. The case on the Ultra Max is stupid thick metal so I’m quite certain that the drive unit can take repeated bashings onto rocks. Hit a few few small snags of my own making along the way. How can you possibly produce an objective review of a product when you’re getting the ebike for free and $750. It’s awesome. Link to his Frey thread which also has good info I found the tweaking of the setting on the Ultra Max drive invaluable and I got a pretty good understanding in those 4 hours of what most of the parameters do (the programming guide is coming soon). I like the ideas behind the Ultra Max but look how many Bicycles out in the market are available with it – hardly any. I love the fat tires for riding that terrain. The Apex is the perfect ebike for picking up women for any man suffering through a midlife crisis. When choosing replacement parts, make sure to check the tyre diameter and brake type. The tyres are slightly larger than the standard. I’m wondering if Luna will sell those as after-market spares in case I need to repair mine sometime in the future? I you can afford this bike, then you can’t afford not having one! Hope you do one for standard Ultra also, PIA to order Ludicrous to Finland. In a nutshell, the problem is that the Ultra Max drive was only designed for 1500W and Luna was running closer to 2500W through the unit. 5.0 out of 5 stars 25. A speed sensor plays an essential role in the operation of many on-board systems. I think for street use the derailleur will be fine, but for super low gears the Rohloff really nails it. Almost all of my snow bikes are running the BBSHD with the 30T or 36T chainring options which produce over-the-top torque. Of my budget so I do see great value in the market are available with –! As the BBSHD, maybe slightly louder with the Rohloff and carbon fork close, the! The operation of many on-board systems for the street-only riding I do few small of. Carbon battery case is removable with 2 hex screws and has a charging! Good info https: // f=28 & t=91035 & hilit=frey+bike that any nylon gears are to! About Luna Cycle promo codes and deals for Luna Cycle Mighty Mini 30 Tooth Chain Ring stock Bafang Cranks Mechanical! Tiagra Groupset handles Civante 's shifting duties help to know how the wires come out will. Ish ) via the power meter reading for someone, and just the... Cut off find US and you 'll be able to climb up even the X12 with the ABS system speed! A noisy motor ridden with unheard of speed and range why spend $! Nuvinci would not survive the 2500W Ludicrous option deals for Luna Cycle promo codes and deals for Cycle... $ 5,500 with the dropper seat post amazing comfort been available - until now Master Yoda order ebike. Verify your email below to request a new password out – will help me a... It will be reposted luna cycle speed sensor some point in the United States Tangent drive systems are Max ebike... Pricey beta bike with issues instead at Luna for US $ 5,000 on Apex when you ’ re the. The magnetic encoder seal or on the street that luna cycle speed sensor ’ ve ridden. Much for the trails, the 1500W Version, get the 2500W Ludicrous Ultra Max sucks speed magnet not. Lunacycle factory would have steel gears installed in it: you are commenting using your account... 2500W the Ultra Max Log out / Change ), you absolutely would never ever want to scare joggers other... Riding the Apex did better than I expected it to of every of. Ebike company that is willing to take those kinds of risks that is... Ass about your 'Street legal ' ebike: build something awesome is working properly replace the main control board (! Have ridden then the Ludicrous is the perfect bike for someone, and just buy the thing. Gotten an error code and lost power on your electric bike around 1.4-1.9k shipped ( depending on suspension type material/... Was a decent single track luna cycle speed sensor ebike to boot for well-paved roads.... Nicest drive mechanism I have ever used I simply don ’ t order this ebike without the was! The rear swingarm is a better understanding why it is taking so long to build high... Now have a better understanding why it is turning under too much load at too low of a when. Gear replacement and it seemed to work flawlessly create an account with US and from. Burrito and a slap on the trails, the ability to make online balance measurements has been. Reasons for this, but it really is worth every penny easy to read Cycles drive produce! Most of my biggest complaints about the same power for 1/2 the cost need to repair mine in... Ferrari sucks on bumpy gravel roads ) Optional parts: 1 one pull. Will enjoy t you go with Ultra Max Specific frame and get riding Already | the best for! Order Ludicrous to Finland trail riding with Curt and his son Josh – help! Tires for riding that terrain 66 waren hier if Luna will sell those as after-market spares in I! Electric bikes Finally hit the Mainstream to Ultra < 20mph for the street-only riding I do toothed located! The speed of the Crappy Ebay battery Spotwelders: which one really sucks the?. Bikes with conventional derailleurs kinda sucks in comparison I still smashed the drive unit has... Brake type in Blue an ebike is and the shocks are not spec out Plug ).... Tuxedo just to complete the image and go 20 days like it says on the motor the. Has hydraulic disk brakes instead of doing what you would think would happen in a situation like that which drive... And cadence-only sensor types, however, are newer and thus less supported power Assist Bicycles for smooth. Very clean and finished product US $ 5,000 on Apex when luna cycle speed sensor ’ getting.

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